Ministry of Agriculture

Department of Agriculture and Cooperation, HORTICULTURE DIVISION

No.11- 7/2009-Hort.IV. -- The National Committee on use of Plastics in Agriculture (NCPA) which was originally constituted in the Department of Chemicals and Petrochemicals in 1981 has been functioning in the Department of Agriculture & Cooperation since 1993. It was reconstituted in 1996. In order to make this committee more effective and to focus its endeavor in a coordinated manner for promoting the applications in Horticulture, NCPAH was reconstituted in 2001 as National Committee on Plasticulture Applications in Horticulture (NCPAH). Thereafter, NCPAH was last constituted on 15-06-2007 for a period of three years. It has been decided to reconstitute National Committee on Plasticulture Applications in Horticulture (NCPAH) (hereinafter referred as the Committee) under the Department of Agriculture & Cooperation.
The composition and Terms of Reference (TOR) of the committee are as under :-
1. Union Agriculture Minister Chairman
2. Minister of State for Agriculture                 Vice-Chairman
3. Secretary (A&C), DAC        Member
4. Secretary, Dept. of Chemicals & Petrochemicals  Member
5. Secretary (DARE) & DG (ICAR) Member
6. Secretary, Ministry of Water Resources  Member
7. Secretary, M/o Panchayati Raj   Member
8. Addtl. Secretary, I/c of Horticulture, DAC Member
9. Agriculture Commissioner, DAC Member
10. Dy. Director General(Hort.),ICAR Member
11. Financial Advisor, DAC Member
12. Principal Advisor(Agri.), Planning Commission Member
13. Joint Secretary (NHM) DAC Member
Representatives of four State Governments
14. Principal Secretary ( Agri/Hort), Govt. of Karnataka 
15. Principal Secretary (Agri/Hort.), Govt. of Gujarat 
16. Agriculture Production Commissioner, Govt. of Punjab Member
17. Pr. Secretary( Horticulture),Govt. of Uttarakhand Member
Representative of NABARD
18. Chief General Manager, NABARD, Mumbai
Representative of Bureau of Indian Standards
19. Director, Bureau of Indian Standards, New Delhi Member
Vice-Chancellors of two State Agricultural Universities
20. Vice-Chancellor,Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore
21. Vice Chancellor, Balasaheb Sawant Krishi Vidyapeeth, Dapoli
Representative of Hi-tech Horticulture Industry
22. President, Irrigation Association of India, Bangalore Member
23. Representative of Greenhouse, Manufacturers Member
24. Representative of Micropropagation (TC) Units Member
Farmer’s Associations
25. President, Confederation of Indian Horticulture(CIH), Pune, Maharashtra Member
Member Secretary
26. Horticulture Commissioner  Member Secretary 
B. Terms of Reference
i To coordinate in promotion of horticulture / agriculture development through use of plastics in agriculture ( Plasticulture) with special reference to harnessing available natural resources such as water and sunlight in improving the productivity and quality of the produce
ii To recommend suitable policy measures for promotion of plasticulture in the country.
iii To facilitate increased adoption of various Plasticulture applications like drip and sprinkler irrigation systems, protected cultivation, community tanks, post harvest management, etc.
iv To facilitate in promotion of Research and Development and to build data base in plasticulture.
v To suggest suitable strategies in development of quality standards for products used in plasticulture and ensure proper adoption of such standards in the field.
vi To suggest ways and means for effective implementation of Centrally Sponsored Schemes on Micro-irrigation having integration with NHM, TMNE, RKVY, etc. in relation to plasticulture components in these schemes.
vii To supervise and monitor effectively the performance of Precision Farming Development Centres (PFDCs) in particular and overall development of Precision Farming methods and hi-tech interventions in general in the country.
viii Any other matter connected with promotion of plasticulture in the country.
2 The term of NCPAH will be for a period of three years form the data of issue of the Resolution. The non-official members shall hold office during the pleasure of the Chairman. The committee shall meet as often as necessary but at least once in a year. The committee shall submit its report to the Government on annual basis.
3 The Secretarial assistance required for the committee will continue to be provided by the Central Coordination Cell of NCPAH consisting of personnel drawn form the Indian Petrochemicals Ltd. or any other suitable agency. The Member Secretary will oversee the day to day activities of NCPAH and function as Chief Executive on the body.
4 The expenditure on TA/DA of the Vice-Chancellors of Agricultural Universities and the non-officials members in connection with the journeys undertaken on Committee's business will be met out of the funds allocated for the committee. The corresponding expenditure in respect of other ex-officio members will be borne by their respective Departments.
Horticulture Commissioner